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Flexible air ducts
Aluminum foil flexible duct pipe

Single or Double Layer Aluminum foil flexible duct pipe

They are intended for use in low and medium pressure heating ,cooling,ventilation, exhaust and air conditioing systems.

They are made of single layer or double layer metallized aluminum foil and high-tensile steel wire.

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    5 - 25 days since received deposit
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    Fujian, China (Mainland)
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    L/C,T/T,Western Union
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Double or Single Layer  Aluminum foil flexible duct pipe


1. Full flexible, lightweight aluminum laminated duct, suitable for medium pressure air 
conditioning and ventilation system
2. Diameter: 82mm to 400mm
3. Temperature range: -30 degree .C to 140 degree. C
4. Air velocity: Max.30m/sec(5906ft/min)
5. Working pressure: Max.300 mm WG(3000Pa or 12 WG)
6. Ideal for all air conditioning/ventilation systems, such as hospital, hotel, commercial
building as well as and industrial and residential application
7. Available bare and pre-insulated type with glass wool insulation 
8. Tear and puncture resistant construction 
9. Spring steel wire helix assures dimensional stability and more efficient air distribution
10. Highly resistant to corrosion and micro organisms 
11. High degree of flexibility, which allows it to be easily connected to any desired
position, especially where pre-cast ducts would be difficult and costly to beinstalled 
12. Quick and economical means of correcting misalignment between systems components
13. Low friction loss and no air leakage if it's installed in the right way 
14. No toxic gas emitted when exposed to fire or high temperature 

15. Compressed ducts reduce freight and storage cost

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    Can't find the specific information you're looking for? Have a question ? Contact Us


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