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Air dampers
Round electric air damper

Hvac Round electric air damper

It is installed in Chiller room and interlocked with axial fan.In Summer,when the axial fans are running,the damper are also running to exhaust the air produced by chillers;in Winter,the axial fan don't run ,and the dampers also stay closed to keep the temperature insides.
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    5 - 25 days since received deposit
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    Fujian, China (Mainland)
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    L/C,T/T,Western Union
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Hvac Round electric air damper

Galvanized steel and Stainless steel electric air damper& Manual operation air damper& Motorized air damper& air conditioning damper

Power supply: 220V AC +/- 15% 50 / 60Hz (24V AC; 110VAC available)Power Consumption: 4VA (only when damper position changes) Nominal angular rotation: 90 degree. Torque: 1 Nm Ambient Temperature: 0~60 °C Relative Humidity: 0~90%
Size: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm,250mm,300mm, 315mm... (other sizes optional according to customer's requirement); Warmed by special thermal material with sound resistant feartures; Painted in high temperature with green colour ; Customizing available
Application: 1)used in rooms where temportary higher or lower ventilation is required 2)by using AE-F model there is possibility to change ventilation level in separated rooms or in block of rooms 3)connected with special thermostat so that it can realize air cooling or heating4)mounted on channel which transports air to fire place to control speed of fire or close channel when fire place is not used.

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    Can't find the specific information you're looking for? Have a question ? Contact Us


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