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Air dampers
Pressure relief dampers

Pressure relief dampers for ventilation

Use for regulate pressure in cleanroom
Control air mixing rate
Maintain positive pressure
Flexible rotation
Save engery

  • lead time:

    5-25 days
  • product orgin:

    Fujian ,China (Mainland)
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  • color:

    White RAL 9010/9016
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Pressure relief dampers for ventilation

Pressure relief dampers to be provided in each room to prevent cross contamination of air from clean and dirty areas. Suitable sized air pressure relief damper to be strategically placed, enabling differential room pressure to be maintained and ensure that when doors are opened between clean and dirty area. Counterweight balancing system to be providing in the PRD to maintain positive pressure inside the operation room. 

1. Control air mixing rate in supply and exhaust AHU system
2. Close close, responsive
3. Maintain positive pressure of air-conditioned room
4. Convenient to adjust, save energy
5. Material: Galvanized steel, aluminum, hot rolled plate, cold rolled plate
6. Excess pressure valve we produced are designed on the basic of the world latest styles of traditional ones. The appearance and fuction of this products is top-class at home. There are three size available. The pressure is between 5 to 15 Pa
7.general Size,:
410 x 220 x 70mm
410 x 300 x 70mm
any size is available

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    Can't find the specific information you're looking for? Have a question ? Contact Us


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